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Congratulations! Sony Global Education, Pygmalion sign cooperation agreement


Congratulations! Sony Global Education, Pygmalion sign cooperation agreement​
Sony Global Education and Pygmalion signed a cooperation agreement on Sep.29. The ceremony took place during a meeting between Masaaki Isozu (Sony Global Education President) and Ito Kyo (Founder of the Pygmalion Education) in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, headquarter of Sony Global Education. We are proud to form an alliance with Sony Global Education, aiming to spur the development of STEM education with KOOV, the connected robotic and coding kit, for future generations.

About Sony Global Education, Inc.​
Sony Corporation (ソニー株式会社) is a renowned Japanese mutinational conglomerate corporation. Its founder, Masaru Ibuka, is the chairman of the child development association, prsident of the invention association, chairman of the talent education association, and honorary chairman of Sony Corporation. Masaru Ibuka had devoted his life to the study of child psychology and pedagogy, as well as promoting science education of elementary schools and junior high schools. As the forerunner of early childhood education in Japan, he believes that the main goal of early childhood education is raising happy children.

Being the subsidiary of Sony Corporation, Sony Global Education is deeply involved in promoting STEM education. In recent years, Sony Global Education has designed a connected robotic and coding kit called KOOV, allowing kids to step into the world of coding and robotics.

Mr. Ito arriving at the headquarter of Sony Global Education. (Photo 1)
The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement. (Photo 2)

Pygmalion Founder, Mr. Ito (right) and Sony Global Education President, Masaaki Isozu (left).